Water Quality Data

Water quality data were collected in 2010 and 2011 during the Master theses of Kouris N and Panorios A respectively. The water samplings were carried out in the first ten days of April 2010 as well as on 30/3 and 14/04 of 2011. The locations of the sampling sites are illustrated in the pictures below (please check the hyperlinks). The chemical determination of the presented parameters was conducted in the Laboratory of Reclamation Works and Water Resources Management in the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the NTUA.

The following tables (hyperlinks) present the values of key physicochemical water parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, salinity and suspended solids, and the concentration of major ions such as nitrate, nitrite, chloride, carbonate, sulfate etc per sampling site

PositionDrafi NewRafina KatantiRafina (fladar)
Water Temperature oC 15.819.918
DO mg/l9.9612.7210.42
Conductivity mS/cm64911451069
Specific conductivity mS/cm78612671234
Salinity mg/l0.390.630.62
TDS mg/l513.5825.5799.5
Na meq/l1.554.224.04
Mg meq/l0.862.93.68
Ca meq/l4.453.193.43
SAR meq/l0.671.711.51
Category of salination C2C3C3
Category of alcalinationS1S1S1
HCO3- mg/l195246241
NO3- mg/l3.4519.3318.91
Cr μg/l<0.0001.0830.884
Mn μg/l35.038<0.000<0.000
Co μg/l0.8461.0761.098
Ni μg/l0.54.5284.917
Cl- mg/l50.24131.43122.59
F- mg/l0.090.220.26
SO4-- mg/l34.8573.6379.35
HCO3- mg/l195246241
Na+ mg/l35.5997.1792.81
K+ mg/l0.860.771.88
Mg++ mg/l10.3634.7744.18
Ca++ mg/l89.0463.8968.52
Li+ mg/l0.0020.01250.0135



Panorios A. 2013. Monitoring and assessment of water quality of the Rafina stream in eastern Attica for the year 2011. Master thesis, NTUA, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Athens pp 145

Kouris N, 2011. Evaluation and assessment of water quality of watercourses: Case study of Rafina stream, Attica. Master thesis, NTUA, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Athens pp 252