Temperature - Relative humidity

Temperature - relative humidity sensor (Probe)

Temperature and relative humidity measurements are required for meteorological analysis and forecast, for climate studies but also for various other applications in hydrology, agriculture and environmental studies. These parameters are of significant importance because the collected data are used to estimate the potential evaporation in the area of interest as well as bioclimatic indices (e.g. discomfort index), with particular reference to urban areas.


The two sensors are usually placed together on the station's mast, approximately 2 m above ground The multi-plate radiation shield protects temperature and relative humidity sensors from error-producing solar radiation and precipitation. The multiple plates have a unique profile that blocks direct and reflected solar radiation, yet permits easy passage of air. Enlarged top plate and steep edge profile minimize moisture accumulation from precipitation and dew. The plate material is specially formulated for high reflectivity, low thermal conductivity, and maximum weather resistance.


Probe's technical characteristics

Variables: rainfalltemperaturerelative humiditysolar radiationsunshine durationwind direction and velocity