Station Lykorema (XBasin)

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Station Details

ID 354
Name Lykorema (XBasin)
Short Name Lykorema (XBasin)
Remarks Troll
Water Basin
Water Division
Political Division Greece
Abscissa 491974.48
Ordinate 4210420.64
SRID 2100
Approximate False
Owner National Technical University of Athens
Type Flow measurement
Is Active True
Is Automatic False
Start Date
End Date
Creator Unknown
ID Name Type Manufacturer Model Is Active Start Date End Date
145 miniTROLL Piezometer Stage recorder In-Situ Inc. SSP-100 False
ID Name Variable Time step Unit Of Measurement Instrument Start Date End Date
898 lykorema_stage_raw Stage 10-minute - 10 minute(s) m miniTROLL Piezometer 2005/01/11 15:00 2010/10/19 09:50
899 lykorema_discharge Discharge 10-minute - 10 minute(s) m3/s None 2005/01/11 15:00 2010/10/19 09:50
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