The Hydrological Observatory of Athens

Hydrological information provided from this site is a service of the Hydrological Observatory of Athens, operated by the National Technical University of Athens. It is an evolution from the hydrometeorological network METEONET and provides access to a single database, which will gradually incorporate further stations and hydrological measurements, including the ones of the Experimental Basin of Athens - XBasin. Here you will be able to locate hydrometeorological stations on the map, download historic time series and use advanced applications for a statistical analysis of selected hydrological data.

Latest Measurements

Zografou (NTUA) 25 April 2015   17:00
Temperature19.7 °C
Humidity45 %
Rainfall0.0 mm (0.0 mm/2hr)
Solar radiation190 W/m2
Sunshine duration0 min (81 min/2hr)
Wind speed2.3 m/s
Wind gust10.0 m/s
Wind direction226 deg
Barometric pressure1012 hPa
Net radiation126 W/m2


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Last Rainfall Event

Greater Athens Area   09 April 2015

Start of event: 09 April 2015 02:40

End of event: 09 April 2015 19:50

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Total rainfall per station

  • Ano Glyfada14.0
  • Zografou (NTUA)8.0
  • Psyttalia9.0
  • Pikermi9.0
  • Penteli21.0
  • Menidi19.8
  • Mandra30.0
  • Ilioupoli4.8
  • Galatsi7.8
  • Ano Liosia17.0
  • Agios Kosmas9.4

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Recent weather highlights for Zografou (NTUA) station

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The Network

The network map

NTUA's hydrological monitoring network is operational since 2005. It consists of more than 10 stations located in the greater Athens area, measuring environmental parameters of hydrometeorological interest, such as rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, evaporation, air pressure, solar radiation, sunshine duration, wind direction and velocity.


The network has been developed and maintained by the Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources, led by Prof. Maria Mimikou and is supported by the Computer Center of the National Technical University of Athens. The locations of the stations were selected to adequately cover the study area and meet strict monitoring criteria set by WMO, as well as criteria regarding ground elevation, security and ease of access. Each station is equipped with a data logger, which records, in 10 min intervals, the measurements of all sensors installed in the specific station and, by means of mobile telephony, transmits the data to a central, OGC compliant, database.


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